Fair Trade Forum: The WFTO Fair Trade Guarantee System

2017-10-07 | 1815.08

The WFTO Fair Trade Guarantee System med Rudi Dalvai, WFTO
World Fair Trade Organisation - WFTO is since 1989 the global network of Fair Trade Organisations with members in 75 countries around the world. Two third the member are producer organization in Africa, Latin America and Asia. In 2013, the WFTO Guarantee System was introduced which is to guarantee, that a Fair Trade producer- or trading organization is working according to the global Fair Trade Standard. More and more organisations now reach Fair Trade guaranteed status every week. As they do, more products produced and traded according to WFTO requirements reach the market. That in turn makes it important to include the WFTO Guarantee System in the Fair Trade Town policies. This workshop will provide an introduction to the WFTO Guarantee System and explain more about its focus on the Fair Trade Organisation and its Fair Trade practices.

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